About Flying Media

Based in Northern Ireland, Flying Media is an innovative and exciting company bringing aerial platforms into the twenty first century. Our aim is to provide our customers with a bespoke, professional aerial media service tailored to your individual needs.

The remotely piloted aircraft we use go by many names; Drones, mulitmotors, UAV, quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopters are all used.

Whatever you know them as they have changed the way in media production and aerial imaging. Putting cameras in high places used to be expensive, often risky and sometimes not possible at all.

The cutting edge technology we use enables us to put cameras anywhere from the ground to the sky turning your ambitions into reality, and with over ten years experience in the aviation industry you can be sure our pilots have the skills and knowledge necessary to get the job done.

UAV Photography and Video throughout NI
The Flying Media Mobile
Flying Media Team Working hard during Tall Ships 2015

The Licensed Professional's

Our Equipment

Aerial Photographers & Videographers flying UAV drones

Our hexacopter UAV or drone is state of the art. Using a mixture of GPS technology, laser gyros, computer aided flight controls systems and a new design camera gimbal producing 0.01° accuracy. The gimbal holds the camera and is controlled independently of the aircraft giving complete operating flexibility. The aircraft is lightweight and compact making it possible to create aerial media anywhere you want.

UAV camera

It doesn’t stop at the UAV, our camera’s are 4K HD capable giving fantastic aerial shots whatever the task, and with our direct video link to the ground we can be sure that we get what you need.

Survey Drone

The ebee is a land survey drone capable of surveying up to 12sq.km in a single flight. We can produce geo-referenced 2D & 3D orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, triangle models and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). This can then be used for example by measuring distances, taking cross-sections, extracting volume data or exporting to third-party software to add GIS data or create custom maps.




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