Surveying where man can’t

Well its been a busy few months for Flying Media. Our UAV survey team recently carried out our biggest UAV survey yet. The project was in Barrow in Furness, England. A recently excavated mud flat where a new gas pipe line had been layed was now too dangerous for humans to walk on. We were contacted to carry out a final UAV survey of the area to produce topographcial data of the area and ensure it was left in the same condition it was found.

Our UAV Survey drone didn’t waste any time. The massive 2sq km area was surveyed with minimum disturbance to the area in just under 2 hours and all from the safety of the shore. With the data at hand it was back to Northern Ireland for the post flight processing. Four hours and 300000000 processed points later the data was complete and ready for import into AutoCAD. We produced highly detailed surface comparison isopach’s for the area. A sample can be downloaded below.

Our UAV survey drone completed the job quicker, safer and cheaper than the manned equivalent.