Aerial Photography

Whether you’re a home owner seeking that perfect aerial snap of your property, a business wanting some unique HD photos for a website or an estate agent looking for some quality photos displaying a property at its best. Our UAV with the industry leading gimbal technology and HD remotely controlled camera is the perfect way to get those aerial photos you have been longing. 

Whatever your need for aerial UAV photography, we have the tools to shoot your subject in the most flattering and fresh perspective. Capturing stills from angles only possible from the air.

UAV Wedding Photography

Show off your perfect day in a way that no one else can. Our drone can fly anywhere from the ground up allowing you to get those perfect wedding photos never before possible. We offer special packages for weddings including UAV photographyUAV videography.  Our fully stabilised HD camera fitted on our state of the art drone will make sure you get the aerial wedding photos and video that will make your audience say WOOO!

UAV Aerial Photography applications

  • Real estate sales
  • Commercial or domestic property development
  • 360º Panorama
  • Business advertising
  • Web design
  • Urban Planning
  • Domestic household photographs
  • Event photography
  • Travel, tourism
  • Sports

UAV Aerial Photography benefits

  • Fully stabilised HD photos using the latest gimbal technology
  • Huge operating flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Low noise output
  • Customer input
  • Live video downlink of footage being captured
  • Service tailored to your individual needs


UAV Photography for businesses

Flying Media are Northern Ireland’s leading drone photography specialists. Bring your advertising to new heights and show off your business with some UAV aerial photography. Our drone can get to the position you need to show off your business in its own unique way. Each job is tailored specifically to your needs and no job is too big or small.

The whole process is quick and easy and we can even edit images to take away unwanted objects such as people, cars or electrical lines.




Northern Ireland